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Our Volkswagen campervans

Beside the Volkswagen campervans which we rent in the Netherlands, we also offer the possibility to rent a Volkswagen campervan in Portugal. These compact campervans give a lot of freedom and comfort. Because of their dimensions they are very handy. They have al the comforts of a campervan, but the size of a big passenger car.

Our campers are equipped with a normal kitchen inventory, bedding and towels. The campervan is to be tidy and clean when you get it and we expect the campervan also tidy and clean when we get it back.

This season we have Volkswagencampervans in Portugal. We have a Skyblue California and a Tornadored California driving around in Portugal which will make your holiday inforgettable.

what do we offer
  • Flexible rentingperiods
  • Free kilometers
  • The campervan comes completed with a normal kitchen inventory for 4 people.
  • Duvet, pillows, sheets and covers for 2 people are already in the campervan. This can be supplemented with sleepingbags and pillows for a 3th and 4th person.
  • Dishcloth, kichentowel, cleaning cloth, 2 bath towels, 2 washcloths, 2 guest towels. This also can be supplemented for a 3th and a 4th person
  • The campervan will be available from 15.00 at the airport in Porto or Lisbon (provided that the time of arrival is during the day) or at the trainstation in Coimbra
  • The campervan must be returned before 11.00 pm at the airport in Porto or Lisbon or at the trainstation in Coimbra.
  • Possibility for a free night at our campervansite, when there is availability.
  • With the insurance for the camper is also a roadsite assistence.








Here you can see more information about the Volkswagen California