These are mainly pages that we use ourselves when planning our trips. We have several links to places where you can stay the night over and where we have stood ourselves or where we have heard through our guests that they had a good time there. We also make a list of the websites we visit to get our information.
This, together with all the information we hear but of which there is no website, means that we still have many beautiful experiences and knowledge of this beautiful country.
And of course, we hope that, after your stay in Portugal, you can look back with a great experience of being a Portugal Traveller.

Informatieve websites

Visit Portugal: the tourist website of Portugal
Geocaching: treasure hunt brings you to the most beautiful unknown places
Estrada Nacional 2: the Route 66 of Portugal

Overnachtings websites

Park4Night: An app that has a wide overview of overnight places for motorhomes
Campercontact: Another site with motorhome sites on it
Cepo Verde camping: Camping in a green envoirement