We are the people behind Portugal Travelling

We are Leo and Gerwien van Rij, the people behind Portugal Travelling. Since the summer of 2017, we’ve lived with our three kids in the green heart of Portugal, in Lousã. Our roots are Dutch.
With our family, we like to travel in our own campervan and we’ve visited a lot of places in Europe. Portugal always had a special place in our hearts, because of the friendly people, the peace we feel in this country, the beautiful environment and the Mediterranean climate.

​In the Netherlands, we turned our hobby into our work. Since 2013 we’ve had a company renting out Volkswagen campervans.
Because we like to change our loves into our life, we turned our favourite holiday country into our home country and moved to Portugal. We brought a part of our company with us and we started renting our campervans in Portugal too. This means we can give people the possibility discovering this wonderful country by fly & drive.

Our activities

We love to meet other travellers and we like to show people beautiful areas. So, we’re always looking for more ways to offer possibilities for a holiday. Not everybody likes to travel in a campervan.

about us

So we bought a traditional, little authentic house in the centre of Lousã, renovated it and transformed it into a holiday house, perfect for a holiday. In addition, we bought a larger house and are renovating it into a holiday home for 10 people, perfectly suitable for larger groups.

And we make a part of our garden available for other campervan travellers. Our heart and soul goes into this project because we love to meet different people from different cultures, hear their stories and practise different languages. So we invite you to be our guest one day.

​We’ve brought all of these different activities together under the name Portugal Travelling. 

We hope you now know a little bit about who the people behind Portugal Travelling are, you enjoy meeting us in Portugal through one of our opportunities

“If all difficulties were known at the outset of a long journey, most of us would never start out at all.”

Dan Rather