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We are the people behind Portugal Travelling

We are Leo and Gerwien van Rij, the people behind Portugal Travelling. Since the summer of 2017, we’ve lived with our three kids in the green heart of Portugal, in Lousã. Our roots are Dutch.
With our family, we like to travel in our own campervan and we’ve visited a lot of places in Europe. Portugal always had a special place in our hearts, because of the friendly people, the peace we feel in this country, the beautiful environment and the Mediterranean climate.

​In the Netherlands, we turned our hobby into our work. Since 2013 we’ve had a company renting out Volkswagen campervans.
Because we like to change our loves into our life, we turned our favourite holiday country into our home country and moved to Portugal. We brought a part of our company with us and we started renting our campervans in Portugal too. This means we can give people the possibility discovering this wonderful country by fly & drive.

Our activities

We love to meet other travellers and we like to show people beautiful areas. So, we’re always looking for more ways to offer possibilities for a holiday. Not everybody likes to travel in a campervan.

So we bought a traditional, little authentic house in the centre of Lousã, renovated it and transformed it into a holiday house, perfect for a holiday. In addition, we bought a larger house and are renovating it into a holiday home for 10 people, perfectly suitable for larger groups.

And we make a part of our garden available for other campervan travellers. Our heart and soul goes into this project because we love to meet different people from different cultures, hear their stories and practise different languages. So we invite you to be our guest one day.

​We’ve brought all of these different activities together under the name Portugal Travelling. 

We hope you now know a little bit who the people behind Portugal Travelling are, you enjoy meeting us in Portugal through one of our opportunities

Wheter you travel in one of our VW campers or with your own camper or you prefer a holiday cottage in Portugal, we are all Portugal Travellers.


Bem Vindo – Welcome

Portugal Travelling gives you opportunities to spend your holiday in Portugal. Because the beautiful Mediterranean Portugal with its friendly people and varied landscapes is definitely worth visiting. Here you can smell the scent of laurel and eucalyptus, grilled sardines and garlic. Or feel the sand between your toes while watching the sunset and enjoy your lunch in the shadow of an old olive tree.

So you can experience all of this when travelling through the country with one of our Volkswagen campervans. If you book a campervan with us, then we can deliver your campervan to Porto or Lisbon airports, or to the beautiful city of Coimbra where your trip to discover Portugal can start. Alternatively, why not stay in one of our apartments, ideally located to experience the real Portugal.

Our opportunities for a holiday in Portugal

VW campervans
Holiday opportunities Portugal

Our Volkswagen campers give you a plenty of scope to make a beautiful trip through Portugal so you can visit all the highlights of this wonderful and diverse country. […]

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holiday home
Holiday opportunities Portugal

In the historic centre of Lousã we have an authentic house in which we have created two apartments so that you can enjoy a lovely holiday in the Serra da Lousã and central Portugal. […]

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camper park
Holiday opportunities Portugal

We have made a part of our garden camper suitable so that you can spend the night here quietly with your camper. Here, among the olive groves of Lousã you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Serra da Lousã.[…]

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customized trip
Holiday opportunities Portugal

Thanks to our travels with the camper and motor, we have a lot of experience in Portugal so that we can make for you an unforgettable customized trip.[…]

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portugal travelling

One name for all our tourist activities


Portugal was voted the best travel destination in the world at the World Travel Awards. And for good reason. There is so much to discover in Portugal – the hospitable and friendly people and, so much more. Such as the beautiful cities of Porto, Coimbra and Lisbon.
Sun, sea and beach are abundant here. For sun worshipers and surfers, Portugal is a wonderful place. There are also beautiful areas for walking or cycling. Portugal also has 22 classifications for the UNESCO World Heritage. So there is plenty to discover and experience. And, after experiencing all this beauty, there is Gastronomy and Wines where all these impressions are given time to find a place … That is why we offer various holiday opportunities in Portugal to spend your time in this beautiful country.



In the interior of the country, there are mountains and tranquil villages of granite and schist. While the sea, fishing villages and cosmopolitan beaches with water sports set the pace of the day. But everywhere, centuries-old heritage proudly displays the history of the region. Some of these places are so important for humanity that they have been included in the UNESCO list of world heritage. [read more…]


From the Algarve, the Portuguese went on their memorable journeys in the 15th century that led them to discover distant lands, peoples and cultures. But it is also in the Algarve that they cheerfully welcome many of our visitors who enjoy a year-round mild and sunny climate. This is because there’s no shortage of high quality beaches either. Sand stretches as far as the eye can see, framed by golden cliffs, and virtually deserted islands [read more…]


The Alentejo plains, that extend as far as the eye can see start close to the Tagus. While to the north, in the pastures of the marshlands, the pace is set by the green of these flatlands. Further south, the landscape combines with the sun, the heat and a slower pace of life. In the vast interior, unending flatness, and fields of wheat waving in the wind; while at the coast, wild, beautiful beaches waiting to be discovered..[read more…]


In the 12th century, Portugal was founded in Porto and the northern regions, making the ortuguese became a distinct people and separate nation. The region is crossed by the River Douro which enters Portugal between the ravines and mountains of the interior to flow through the stunning World Heritage vineyard landscape. Both the Port wine and the Douro wine are produced here. In this area of mountains and natural parks, the region’s heritage is seen in its castles, shrines and churches. [read more…]